Perfect PDF Editor Terms of Use

This Agreement (the "Agreement") is entered into between you and the Perfect PDF Editor, which is an Indian company registered with the Chamber of Commerce. If you agree to this agreement not as an individual but on behalf of your company, then "customer" or "you" means your company, and you are bound by your company with this agreement.

By using this tool provided to you at the time of your request, or by using or accessing the services of Perfect PDF Editor, you indicate your agreement to be bound by this agreement.

1. Register an account

You may need to register for a Perfect PDF Editor account in order to place orders, access, or receive any products. Any registration information you provide to us must be accurate, current and complete. You should also update your information so that we can send notices, statements, and other information to you via email or through your account. You are responsible for all actions taken through your accounts.

2. Scope of the Agreement

This Agreement administers your beginning buy as well as any future buys made by you that reference this Understanding. This Understanding incorporates our Security Approach, any Orders and any other referenced approaches and connections.

3. Orders

Perfect PDF Editor's Item requesting documentation or buy stream ("Arrange") will indicate your authorized scope of utilize for the Items, which may incorporate:
(A) numbers of licenses, duplicates or occurrences,
(B) number and sort of Authorized Clients (as characterized underneath), or
(C) other limitations or billable units (as appropriate, the "Scope of Utilize").

4. Authorized Users

Only the particular people for whom you have got paid the specified expenses and whom you assign through the applicable Item ("Authorized Users") may get to and utilize the Items. You'll increment the number of Authorized Users allowed to get to your occurrence of the Item by setting a modern Arrange or, in a few cases, specifically through the Item. In all cases, you must pay the appropriate charge for the expanded number of Authorized Clients. You're capable for compliance with this Understanding by all Authorized Users.

5. Credentials

You must guarantee that all Authorized Clients keep their Users IDs and passwords for the Facilitated Administrations entirely secret and not share such data with any unauthorized individual. Users IDs are allowed to person, named people and may not be shared. You're mindful for any and all activities taken utilizing your accounts and passwords, and you concur to quickly inform Perfect PDF Editor of any unauthorized utilize of which you gotten to be mindful.

6. Law and Dispute Resolution

This Agreement will be governed by and understood in understanding with the pertinent laws of the Indians. On the off chance that you've got a complaint, if you don't mind let us know and we'll react rapidly. Debate will be submitted to the competent court in Gujarat, India. Regardless the prior, Perfect PDF Editor may bring a claim for evenhanded help in any court with appropriate purview. You confirm that any files for which you use Perfect PDF Editor belongs to you only and you have appropriate permissions to make changes or perform any operations facilitated by Perfect PDF Editor. Perfect PDF Editor do not have any role or part in any misuse of the tool and will not be liable to pay any charges.

1. General

You must guarantee that your utilize of Facilitated Administrations and all Your Information is at all times compliant with all appropriate nearby, state, government and universal laws and directions ("Laws"). Your Information is yours. This Assention doesn't deliver us any rights to Your Information but for the constrained rights that empower us to offer the Facilitated Administrations.

2. Remarks About Password Removal

You Confirm simply are the legitimate proprietor of the file being opened or have the express consent of the legitimate proprietor to do so.

3. Reimbursement for Your Data

You'll protect, reimburse and hold safe Perfect PDF Editor from and against any misfortune, taken a toll, obligation or harm, counting attorneys’ expenses, for which Perfect PDF Editor gets to be at risk emerging from or relating to any claim relating to Your Information, counting but not constrained to any claim brought by a third party affirming that Your Information, or your utilize of the Facilitated Administrations in breach of this Understanding, encroaches or misappropriates the mental property rights of a third party or abuses pertinent law.

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